Teaching the proper techniques for  firearms handling and personal defense

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Learn to shoot goes over the basics of pistol usage. Loading and unloading a pistol, proper stance, grip breathing and sight picture. Safe gun storage as well as practice shooting takes place in this class. An excellent class for the beginner or the shooter who has not had time to practice or needs help correcting a shooting issue.


At 3GDefense we know your time is valuable and  that everyone can't set aside 4-5 hours to get  their License to Carry.  That's why we offer the online LTC.  Simply go to the link provided and sign up.  After taking the class you can schedule a time to come shoot for your qualification at your convenience.  Online class is $55.00.  LTC qualification shooting  is $30 if taken from 3GDefense and $40 if taken from another provider. 


The state mandated class required to receive a Texas LTC. This class includes 4-5 hours of classroom with a 25 question test and range proficiency testing on a b-27 target where a minimum score of 175 must be obtained to qualify for a License.  Eye protection, Ear protection,  a pistol and a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition are required for this course


We offer multiple NRA firearm disciplines which are listed below. 

Custom classes can be designed to fit your personal needs.  Defensive pistol which includes drawing from your concealed carry method of choice  and shooting from cover is an excellent first step in moving past basic firearm proficiency.

About Us


Dedicated Instructors


Ben Hawthorne is the owner/operator and lead instructor of 3G Defense. Ben is a military veteran who holds a Master Texas Peace Officer license with over 20 years of Law enforcement experience. Ben has provided security for financial institutions, churches, chemical plants, schools, retail environments and individuals. Along with this experience he is a certified instructor For the NRA in Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection in the home and outside the home, and Defensive pistol. He is also a certified Texas license to carry instructor. 


A Comfortable, Safe, environment with High-Quality Equipment


At 3G Defense we provide a classroom and covered range on sight. Classes are held to a size that allows each student the individualized instruction they need to feel confident. You are welcome to bring your own firearm in good working order and quality (non-reload) ammunition or we can supply them for you. We use Browning, Smith and Wesson, Glock, Remington, and Rock River firearms primarily in our training.  


Our Motto

In Luke 11:21 we are told "  When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace".  At 3G we train peace loving people to avoid any confrontation possible by being aware, but to have the ability protect what they hold dear when no other option exist.


Concealed Carry Certification



You are welcome to use any pistol you choose (except AR-15 style) as long as it is in good working order and 22 caliber or higher. We have firearms available for use for $25 and covers the pistol and  ammunition. Also remember the LTC class is not a learn to shoot class, but to learn the law and prove you are proficient with a pistol. Per state regulations the target is a b-27  and a minimum score of 175 out of a possible 250 is passing. Class will take approximately 4 hours plus range time. There are no range fees. Cost of the class is $80.

NRA Courses


Basics of Pistol shooting 8hr course $125

 Basics of Rifle shooting   8hr course $125 protection in the Home 8hr course $150  Personal protection outside the home 16hr course $250  

 Defensive pistol 8hr course $175

3G courses


Basic learn to shoot and Texas LTC 8hrs 150 

Active shooter response- This is a classroom based learning opportunity. We will discuss what has happened in other active shooter situations and what type of responses would have saved more lives. Use of weapons at hand and the thought process of being aware and prepared will be the focus (run hide fight etc.). 2-3hr course $40 per person     

 Home or business security evaluations are also available, this is typically a 2 hour evaluation  with discussions of safe room possibilities including what should be in the safe room in case an extended stay is needed, Camera placement, best defensive positions, proper weapon and weapon storage for defense etc.

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